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Trident Company, a leading security and facility services company, provides proactive security services and cutting-edge smart technology to deliver evolving, tailored solutions that allow clients to focus on their core business. Our excellence starts with our local leadership and local presence. In fact, we have an extensive network of offices to support our local communities and customers. We take pride in our extensive knowledge in a range of specialty sectors such as education, healthcare, retail, commercial real estate, government and corporate campuses, etc. We believe there is no greater purpose than serving and safeguarding customers, communities and people in today’s world. Trident Company is There for you. 



Our vision is to make the world a safer place.


Our mission is your safety and security.

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No two organizations have security needs that are exactly alike. That’s why when it comes to your security services program, you need a solution tailored to your unique requirements.
Since 2022, Trident Company has been providing customized physical security solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations of every size.
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Providing specialist security services is a vital part of Trident Security’s success, however, equally important is our commitment to ensuring that our customers receive an unrivalled level of service.

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